My very first blog post, service & MVP!

My very first blog post, service & MVP!

I'm proud to finally share with you my first-ever service — V.1.0

Our illustration resources help your product look awesome and save you time and money as a startup owner or an entrepreneur.


High costs of a really good illustrator for your website or app + time limitations for the launch of the product.


With one click, you can buy a package with dozens of illustrations to suit your needs in the style you like, all for the price of just one illustration from a good illustrator.

Yes, we create eye candy illustrations for marketplaces, agencies, companies and startups! At this moment we have 6 paid illustration packs, from small (12 illustrations) to large (56 illustrations), and each pack has a demo so you can try the illustrations for your product. The demo consists of 1 free illustration in all formats. Of course, freebies will also be available soon!

What we started with:

  • Unique Visitors: 1
  • Email Customers: 97
  • Monthly Revenue: ~$50

So firstly, the one visitor is me (haha). I built the MVP about 2 months ago and integrated the domain 2-3 weeks ago. Secondly, I got the email customers when I tested this idea on my personal website. I’ll write about the details of this soon, in the next post. And thirdly, all monthly revenue in that moment was from marketplaces. I finished adding new products some time ago and took my time to build the MVP. Of course, sales stopped. If you don’t add new products, you don’t sell old products. It’s a simple rule. I think I will continue to use the marketplaces because it’s a free marketing tool for me. (Actually, almost free; they take 30%-40% of each sale.)

And if you want to check out the service, go to and use coupon "blog" for a 50% off on all illustration packs! Available for the next 10 customers only!